Ship Emission Abatement System


Systems to capture emissions, our proprietary technology, SETH™ designed to capture ships’ emissions in harbors.


Process systems designed to capture and treat gaseous pollutants, while also recovering chemical or thermal energy.


Charging stations and battery systems as sustainable zero emission solutions for the maritime and industrial sectors.


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The economic progress achieved in the past six decades, along with a rapid expansion of the global population, has come with a colossal environmental cost due to transportation and industrial gaseous emissions. Emission from maritime and industrial exhaust constitutes both a health and environmental problem.

The US government along with the EU government and many other countries globally are stimulating technological advancement through public and private funding to find a solution to the unresolved issue of COemissions in particular. Yet a feasible solution is not available for one of humanity’s most complex issues thus far.

A solution present not only benefits to the global population and governments but also to companies and entire economies that are facing growing emission restrictions and operation limitation that handicap their financial growth.

Greener Process Systems developed and patented industrial and maritime emission capture technology that is being implemented in Europe and abroad. Our current systems, compatible with both maritime ( SETH SYSTEMS ) and industrial applications (IEM SYSTEMS) are designed to create a hermetic seal between the exhaust stacks and their after-treatment systems. Such a connection helps maintain the exhaust temperature throughout the filtration process not only to guarantee high efficiency in the abatement process but also to provide reusable energy through waste heat recovery. Both the high efficiency of filtration and the reusable energy source from the heat recovery in their current systems are fundamental for emission capturing and after treatment. The company is now working on next-gen emission processing technology that can generate large amounts of carbon at scale. Such material can be than sold as an alternative to the carbon source abroad that is not pure and presents cancerous contaminant in its impure form. Pure Carbon can be used for the manufacturing of graphite and refined metals like steel and many other applications.

Greener Process Systems is an engineering company that is an expert in both wet and dry process systems. We combine the process knowledge and resources of an engineering firm with equipment fabrication and supply capabilities to provide quality plant solutions. Our industrial emission management systems and patented capturing technology not only effectively eliminate harmful pollution, but also allow for the recovery of thermal or chemical energy from gaseous streams, generating revenue through electricity and power generation.


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