Greener Process Systems Inc. is a global business with headquarters in South Florida that values an inclusive culture, a professional management approach, and an unrelenting desire to improve the earth’s environment using innovation, technology, and a firm belief that humans can always do better for our planet.

Our Story

Founder and lead engineer, Enrico Festa, spent a decade in the Oil & Gas industry by working on-shore and off-shore in refineries and petrochemical plants, and in the aftermath of the 1976 Seveso environmental disaster (a major dioxin spill at the ICMESA factory), he decided to dedicate his professional life on engineering technologies to environmental protection.

In Italy, he was a pioneer in the eco-engineering sector (he himself recounts that he often had to explain in the 1970s, even to some colleagues, what is meant by “ecology”) and as a father of three kids, he raised by teaching them to live an eco-conscious life. Enrico’s mentor was Barry Commoner, the great North American ecologist, and on his teachings, Enrico has founded Greener Process Systems. Greener operates based on 3 simple values: Integrity, Care for the Planet Earth as a Whole and Hard Work.

In 2019, the company open operations in South Florida, extending operations worldwide. Greener has seen rapid growth as a result of its patented technology designed to eliminate ships emission in harbors helping port authorities and service providers comply with current laws and regulations. Greener’s SETH™ technology is making the shipping and cruise industries cleaner, more energy-efficient, and significantly better for the environment.

Experienced Leadership Team

Meet the innovative, driven, and talented individuals who power Greener Process Systems

Enrico Festa

Founder / CTO

Enrico brings over 36 years of environmental management systems experience. He has led several research and prototyping projects with the partnership of Italian Universities such as “Study of the behavior of aerosol particles in strong electrostatic fields” and “VOC abatement in industrial exhausts”.

He is an external expert for EU Commission to assist in the evaluation of grant applications, projects and tenders, and to provide opinions and advice in specific cases. , Enrico is also a Consultant of the key-partner company Tri-Mer Global Technologies, owner of many proprietary environmental technologies, lending his experience in unit operations based upon the use of water for the abatement of the industrial exhaust pollutants  Enrico holds an MS in Chemical Engineering and post-degree courses in Fluid Catalytic Cracking Engineering and Petrochemical Safety Process.

Matt Sweetwood


Matt has over 31 years of Founder, CEO and serial entrepreneurial experience (Luxnow, Insurious, Unique Photo) and has been credited with the reinvention of the modern camera store, as well as the country’s largest in-store photography education program.

He was able to scale up his company from $1M to $100M and had a successful exit. He is a frequent national TV and publication contributor and has a #1 best-selling book: “Leader of the Pack: How a single dad of five led his kids, his business and himself from disaster to success.”

Matt holds a BA degree in Mathematics from Rutgers University, MA in Theoretical Mathematics from the University of Pennsylvania and a Ph.D. in Computer Science.

Maurizio S. Festa


Maurizio brings 19+ years of development experience in the mobile industry. He is an award-winning open innovation specialist that contributed to bringing to market the world’s first Microsoft Mobile device as well as the launching of the Windows10 eco-system. He has worked with Toshiba, Qualcomm, D.A.R.P.A., and Google in the development and conceptualization of the Google Project, ARA. Among his many professional accolades,

Festa has been awarded two patents and co-founded Vyu360 – a brand developed from the ground up starting with a 400% over goal crowdfunding campaign (Kickstarter). He has extensive leadership skills and experience along with valuable technical and creative skills. Maurizio holds a BS in Computer Science and a dual masters degree in Engineering & Aeronautics from the Universitá di Bologna, Italy

Matthew Scarfo

VP of Business Development

Matthew Scarfo is an experienced Director of Industrial Sales and Business Development with over 20 years of success in crafting major sales strategies and developing new markets for technology. He specializes in collaborating with industrial plants, energy operations, and the maritime sector to achieve cleaner, safer process emissions through the adoption of custom engineered process technologies, waste heat and energy recovery, and electrification systems. In his current role, he is responsible for capturing cross-business synergies, establishing investor relationships, and fundraising, aiming to enable the implementation and integration of Greener’s technologies. Overall, he is a results-driven sales and business development professional with a track record of success in the industrial sector. – +1 (973) 713-3544 – Book Meeting


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