Equity Crowdfunding 101

A Greener Mission

Air Pollution is a worldwide problem, with dire health and environmental consequences. A study conducted by the EPA showed that around 70% of air pollution in areas in close proximity to ports was caused exclusively by nearby docked ships. The emissions from these ships contain toxic and cancerous pollutants that are directly linked to respiratory problems and cancer

Greener Process Systems is revolutionizing air pollution capture and reduction. Our emissions capture system, SETH™, uses advanced robotics to attach to the smokestacks of docked vessels – freighters, ferries, and cruise ships. Our patented technology captures emissions and reduces air pollution from ships docked in harbors, with 98% effectiveness!

SETH™ is not an alternative to traditional energy. It allows for the continued use of fossil fuels, saves freight companies and cruise lines money, and preserves and creates jobs, all while cleaning the environment. SETH™ is the next step towards making an immediate, positive impact on the environmental and health issues the world is facing today. 

Equity Crowdfunding 101

Regulation Crowdfunding (Reg CF) is a new way for startups to raise capital by selling securities through crowdfunding. In the past, a startup could only offer and sell its securities to accredited investors. Even then, this only applied if it complied with complex federal and state registration requirements.

Before the JOBS Act, venture capitalists and angel investors who had a net worth of $1M or an annual income of $200K had a monopoly on investment opportunities in early stage startups. The average shareholder could not take part in these high-risk, high-reward investments.

Once the JOBS Act was passed, this all changed.

Now, practically anybody can have access to these potential high-growth opportunities, and normal people are able to share in the success of these exciting ventures!

The new regulations surrounding Title III of the JOBS Act have gone into effect, enabling companies to raise up to $5 million annually, as opposed to the previous maximum amount of $1.07 million.

Invest Today!

At Greener Process Systems we have spent the better part of two decades developing a system to capture air pollution effectively. With governments worldwide enacting regulations requiring massive reductions in emissions, now is the ideal time to become an early investor in Greener Process Systems. 

Greener Process Systems has received a $10 million purchase order to install all three versions of our SETH™ systems in the EU over the next 18-24 months.

Invest in the air pollution solution today! 
To learn more about Greener Process Systems’ mission to provide clean, breathable air for port communities, visit our raise page on StartEngine. Invite your friends, family, and network to join our investor community today and you can help make the earth a cleaner and greener place.