Greener Process Systems is creating a greener world through patented ship emissions capture technology. The company’s technology, SETH™ is designed to capture emissions in harbors to reduce pollution and improve the health of local populations. CEO Matt Sweetwood, along with founder and CTO Enrico Festa and COO Maurizio Festa, are preparing for the growth of the company and the installation of its first systems.

CEO Matt Sweetwood said about the work Greener Process Systems is carrying out: “We have created what will be the first successful attempt to significantly reduce ship emissions while in port. In fact, we are going to be installing our first three systems in ports in Europe in 2022. We are very excited about SETH, excited about the immense benefits this can bring to the world in terms of air pollution reduction, and excited about our company as we may be the next big thing.”

A study conducted by the EPA shows that 70% of pollution in urban areas near ports is caused exclusively by stationing ships docked in ports, including many toxic and cancerous pollutants. On average, one large ocean-going ship emits the equivalent of more than 20,000 cars not equipped with catalytic converters.

The EPA estimates the cost to the U.S. alone, is hundreds of billions of dollars per year. The health effects can include premature mortality, increased hospital admissions, increased cancer risk, and increased respiratory issues, like asthma. If you’ve ever been to Long Beach, California, you know this.

About SETH™

SETH™ is a state-of-the-art system, patented in the EU and with a patent-pending in the US, designed to capture and reduce pollution from ongoing ships docked in ports. The system is able to lower pollution to near-zero thanks to its innovative technology, creating cleaner urban environments, assisting with emissions compliance, and generating jobs that support the local economy.

A SETH™ system is designed to remove different pollutants from a ship’s exhaust, including NOx, SOx, PM, and heavy metals. The eco-friendly system uses a dry process to avoid the generation of liquid waste and prevent water contamination. It uses advanced robotics to enable the system to adapt to the exhaust funnels of multiple ships. 

The system can adapt to each port’s individual needs using a number of solutions while ensuring normal operations can continue. For example, Smart Eco-Barge offers a solution in ports where there is limited space for the Emission Treatment Device (ETD) and conduits on the dock. The system is instead fitted onto a barge, which can reach a ship’s exhaust while it’s docking or anchoring. The Smart Eco-Berth offers another flexible solution, involving the installation of the ETD and emission capturing device (ECD) on the dock site.

The SETH™ system produces dry waste, which is stored in waste bins that can be unloaded and emptied, to be disposed of by waste management companies. The waste is classified as harmless special industrial solids.

The high effectiveness of pollutant removal makes the SETH™ system an efficient solution for greener environments. The system has a NOx removal effectiveness of 90%, SOx removal effectiveness of 98%, diesel particulate effectiveness of 98%, and heavy metals removal effectiveness of 98%. It also breaks down CO2 and has a CO2 abatement in average conditions of around 100 tons/year/ship for small tonnage ships or 1000 tons/year/ship for medium tonnage ships.

On the future of Green Process Systems, Matt Sweetwood envisions “having our systems installed in hundreds of ports worldwide and improving air quality for the planet. And we will have hundreds more ports waiting for us to install!”